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Professional Translating and Editing services

Dear colleagues,

I have some years of experiment in English-French and French-English translating, writing/editing/proofreading, and publishing of academic, scientific and business manuscripts, officiel reports, diplomas and CV. I am very interested in working as a freelance and professional French-English/English-French translator and Copyeditor/Copywriter/Proofreader and. specialized in different fields of science, business and marketing.

In addition, I act as an editor-in-chief, editor, editorial board member and a peer reviewer for up to 40 scientific peer-reviewed journals and educational and business materials. I have also a strong knowledge of the style such as AMA, APA, CMS, CSE and IEEE, formatting of manuscripts for the publication and marketing, advertising management, Web domain design, promotional publicity, French and English languages and highly creative skills.
The particular interest of my editorial services is that I can perform English and French translating, writing, editing and proofreading to improve the accuracy, grammatical and linguistic content and interest of the readers and clients.

Please feel free to contact me if you have needed additional information. Thank you for consideration,

Very Sincerely and Cordially,
Murielle Mimeault, Ph.D.,
Professional Translator, Copywriter, Editor and Proofreader
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If you are in need of qualified translation service provider, you couldn't have chosen a better place to start. Drawing from our many years of experience in the freelance translation industry, we have been able to hone our skills and channel our dedication to our passion for translating in a way that delivers solid and reliable results to our clients time after time.

Our expertise includes a wide range of freelance translating services such as document translation, legal translation, website translation and localization, audio and video translation, editing, proofreading and even interpreting.

We are able to keep our pricing competitive and you can rest assured that even though our pricing is negotiable, our commitment to prompt service and attention to detail never is. We do our best to stay attuned to our customers' needs by staying flexible and always being resourceful and cooperative from the start to finish of every contract. You can rely on the fact that we conduct ourselves as professionals in every sense of the word.

We carry out our duties on time and ensure all texts are prepared, proofread and formatted just as our clients expect and you can be sure that you will receive exemplary translations which exhibit accuracy and sensitivity to subject matter, idiomatic phrasing and context every time.

Providing a polished professional product which exceeds our clients' expectations is priority number one. We understand that when my clients are satisfied with our work we are not only fulfilling a contractual obligation, we are building a longstanding partnership that will be mutually beneficial for a long time down the road.


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